Blackhead Remover Tool - The Acne Heroes
Blackhead Remover Tool - The Acne Heroes

Blackhead Remover Tool

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Are you wondering why you get blackheads? 

Simply put, they're clogged hair follicles that contain oils, dirt, residue. When left untreated, they grow and expand, getting bigger and bigger on the skin.

Say goodbye to unhealthy, clogged pores!

Are you looking for a better way to naturally remove blackheads without any harmful effects to your skin? 

These blackhead remover tools + The Acne Heros Blackhead Vacuum are just what you need to get rid of those stubborn blackheads. Bring confidence back to your life.

The Acne Hero's Blackhead Tools Features:

 Made of stainless steel, provides the safest way to skincare

 Designed for comfort and precision, nice and durable

 100% brand new and high quality

 It can nip the acne and blackhead conveniently



  • Clean your skin before extractions to avoid infections
  • Simply place the loop end over the top of the blackhead and press it gently, the blackhead would just pop out easily
  • Best to do it after shower
  • Clean the extractor with cotton & alcohol after use