Acne Heroes Lux Bundle - The Acne Heroes
Acne Heroes Lux Bundle - The Acne Heroes
Acne Heroes Lux Bundle - The Acne Heroes
Acne Heroes Lux Bundle - The Acne Heroes

Acne Heroes Lux Bundle

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Give yourself the luxurious Acne Heroes treatment with our signature Lux Bundle.

This Bundle is packed with $130 Value.

Are you wondering why you get blackheads? 

Simply put, they're clogged hair follicles that contain oils, dirt, residue. When left untreated, they grow and expand, getting bigger and bigger on the skin. So why wait and let your face end up like this. Get your Acne Heroes Lux Bundle Today

So you're thinking... What is the Acne Heroes Blackhead Vacuum?

Our Exclusive Acne Heroes Blackhead Vacuum removes blackheads, oily skin and gives your pores a Deep Cleanse. It is also suitable for treating dry skin, sagging skin, dull skin and also wrinkles. It de-clogs clogged pores through powerful suction and increases blood circulation to your skin. It comes with 5 Changeable Heads, which can offer different functions and offer a deeper clean for your facial skin.

The secret of beautiful skin is properly cleansing. If you don't get rid of unwanted dead cells, even your powerful beauty products wont be properly absorbed. Our Pure Beauty Facial Cleansing Brush cleanses your skin using transdermal sonic pulsations to work deep into the layers of the skin. Result? More youthful glowing skin. Now you're ready to apply your favourite skincare products that will work more efficiently on a properly prepared skin. 

Do you fight with unwanted breakouts? You're in the gym, done with your workout, probably rushing somewhere and you forget to clean your face. All you need is 1 minute of our Pure Beauty Facial Cleansing Brush with a cleanser of your choice to make sure unwanted zits don't happen. Every time you finish your workout, your pores are open and all the dirt goes in immediately so unless you take of your skin right away, you might have to deal with the breakouts later.

Keep our Pure Beauty Facial Cleansing Brush in your gym bag, purse and develop a good habit of cleaning your face after a physical workout.