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Love my kit I’ve been using it every week to fortnight depending on how my skin feels. It’s defiantly looking alot clearer and getting rid of my black heads

Jennifer Asalo

Really easy to use. I’ve stuck to using the larger micro head for around my neck area. My skin is looking better now that it’s exfoliated and feels so good. Taking this away while I travel at the end of the year. Thanks !

Jemma Damiano

Really fast shipping, I originally ordered from another company but returned it to purchase this one. A lot more head pieces included. Have used it once and it’s super easy def apply a face mask after and moisturiser so ur face doesn’t dry out

Christina Sanders

Love this kit - I use it in between salon treatments and it’s defiantly working in maintaining my skin. Sometimes I even skin skip going to my skin therapist ! Really easy to use and the head pieces are perfect for around the nose. I recommend the acne heros.

Paige M R

Super simple to use. I’ve been using mine every fortnight and skin is feeling smooth and blackheads are less visible

Rachel Marre